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Trade impressions of elegant, simple, and fast ads. For every ad impression you serve in your chrome app, your ad is displayed in someone else's chrome app. At no cost to you.

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How is this free? Who is behind this? ✋

Hi, I'm Adam, and I created this network. I've publish my own chrome apps and extensions, but grew frustrated at my lack of ability to promote them. Since there were no other options, I created this site on the success-proven model of an impression exchange. That way, us developers don't need to spend money, and instead can help each other out symbiotically.

What's the catch? 😲

Us web developers know that nothing comes free. I won't deceive you, and I've decided to be transparent about my intentions. For every 10 impressions you serve in your app, you receive 9 impressions on someone else's app. The extra impression I use to promote this site. I created this because I want to use it for my own apps, I don't plan on making money from this exchange.